Timaru – March 22, 2019

I was driving from Dunedin to Christchurch to attend the funerals of our family friends (victims of mosque shootings) last Friday with my family. During that journey, I was driving behind a Mercedez Benz (Rego-LGC210) for about 40 minutes in between Timaru and Ashburton. During that time, he opened his car window and showed me “fuck you” gesture twice and he made sure I have seen that gesture by holding his middle finger up for longer time. My wife was seated beside me in the front seat and she was wearing head scarf. I didn’t know why he did that except we being as muslim. There were no other reasons whatsoever.

I wouldn’t report it if it’s happened before 15 March. But now I felt that we should report this sort of incidents to eradicate racism and hate crime.