Christchurch – 2017

I was doing my regular weekly groceries in PaknSave. Generally one of my girls accompany me but that day I was all by myself. I started off with having some veges and fruits. A white women came to me and asked whether I know English. I replied yes and then she started of saying all sort of blasphemous content about Prophet Muhammad and his wife Ayesha. She was very close to me pointing fingers to me and was yelling and saying nonsense loud. After she finished I asked her can I say something I added that sister you need to fix your knowledge. She went off pointing fingers at me yelling the nonsense about my faith. When I looked around me I was surprised to see that people were looking at me and were a bit amused of the whole situation. Unfortunately, no one not a single person came towards me or showed any sign of support.

I was surprised that I was also surrounded by store staff but they didn’t even bothered to ask me if I was ok. Let alone the camera surveillance evidence they might have of the event. 

I was deeply moved for days thinking about that event. I am in NZ for more than 4 years now. Unfortunately I have observed the racial discrimination, academic bullying, and harassment on rise.

I hope that after chc Friday massacre, God forbid if such blasphemous situation reoccurs someone might turn up in my support.