Muslim sisters distraught after being verbally abused at Mt Albert train station

from NZ Herald, 17 March 2019

While the rest of New Zealand is comforting the Muslim community, two women at an Auckland railway station were subjected to vile abuse today for wearing hijab.

The two sisters were told to “go back to your f***ing country” in an ugly incident at Mt Albert train station.

The women – who had assured their families it was safe to leave their home – found themselves trembling with fear from the abuse.

Iqra, 21, and her sister say their family friends are now considering not wearing their headscarves in public.

“For us, that is a deeply disturbing discussion to have,” Iqra told the Herald, her voice shaking while she spoke.

She wanted to speak out about the incident at 1pm today that had her fearing for her safety to warn her Muslim brothers and sisters to take extra precautions and always travel in groups.

“The most shocking thing was there was no security in sight,” Iqra said.

She was with her younger sister Asma when they were approached by an “obviously drunk” man carrying a bottle of liquor.

He started yelling “what are you looking at? I hate girls. Go back to your f***ing country” and edged closer towards them before walking away.

She described him as in his mid-20s, short and wearing a grey T-shirt and black pants.