Life as a Muslim woman in New Zealand

Rehua Marae in Christchurch is just a few kilometres from the madness of last week, a safe meeting place where two cultures who are worlds apart can share a mutual understanding.

“The tangata whenua have already walked this line,” says Muslim community leader Aliya Danzeisen.

“I’m sure you can ask any tangata whenua and go, ‘Is there racism in New Zealand?’ Nobody’s going to say ‘oh no’. The same thing that same hatred that comes from racism goes into Islamophobia.”

Ruwani Perera on Newshub – March 24, 2019

Christchurch mosque shooting: Website to report Islamophobia set up in attack aftermath

This is our New Zealand: Report Islamophobia has gone live this week and encourages the Muslim community to share and record the abuse they face.

Executive member of the Human Rights Foundation Deborah Manning was among the women waiting at Starship due to her 20 years of working with the Muslim community on human rights issues.

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Christchurch shootings: The doctrine of white superiority is alive and well in NZ

In the wake of this terrible tragedy, let’s be honest, for once. White supremacy is a part of us, a dark power in the land.

Dame Anne Salmond on Stuff – March 19 2019

This is us

The terrorist attacks that tore through the Muslim community in Christchurch also exposed ugly truths about New Zealand.

Read more from Toby Morris on The Spinoff – March 18 2019

Muslim sisters distraught after being verbally abused at Mt Albert train station

While the rest of New Zealand is comforting the Muslim community, two women at an Auckland railway station were subjected to vile abuse today for wearing hijab.

Read more on The NZ Herald – March 17 2019

Today, we mourn. Tomorrow, we organise.

We are in shock and mourning, so I’ll keep this brief as I can.

On Friday we learned, in the most horrific way, that we live in a country where a man can walk down the street in broad daylight fully armed and livestream his massacre of Muslims at our place of worship.

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Islamic Women’s Council repeatedly lobbied to stem discrimination

How does a heart break? Does it shatter into a million pieces? Does is split into two aching, throbbing halves? Does it break with a low keening wail or an earth-shattering scream of pain?

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Muslim leader Ahmed Zaoui calls for open inquiry into Christchurch mosque shootings

Muslim leader Ahmed Zaoui is calling on the Government to hold a full and open inquiry into the Christchurch mosque shootings.

“We need to recognise this problem in order to solve it,” he said.

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Why did we ignore Islamophobia?

“This time it was not the earth that shook us, it was pure hate,” writes Christchurch Muslim freelance writer Donna Miles-Mojab.

Read more on Newsroom – March 16 2019

Islamophobia more likely in heavy media consumers – study

New Zealanders who consume more news are more likely to be prejudiced against Muslims, a study has found.

Read more on RNZ – April 1 2017

News media Muslim coverage driving Islamophobia – study

A New Zealand study has linked listening to, watching and reading the news to greater anger towards Muslims.

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Is New Zealand discriminating against Muslims?

Is it coming to our shores soon? Not terror but its side effect, Islamophobia.

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