2012: Auckland

I was standing outside in a vigil with my friend. He was intimidating me saying why don’t you go back to your country. My friend was so shocked because she wasn’t born in NZ but he left her alone because she didn’t wear hijab. I wear hijab and was born here – but was told to leave. 

Usually I receive verbal abuse and problems when something is happening in the news.

July 2018: Sylvia Park, Auckland. Incident with hairdresser.

I went to get my haircut. The hairdresser commented about my hair and said how curly it is. She said next time people like you I am going to put you in the corner and brush out your own here. She was surprised I spoke really good English and I said I was born here. She said yeah but you speak really good English. She was complaining about migrants in NZ. I complained and the company said they had spoken to her but I don’t know what else happened. That was probably the only time I followed anything up (young Muslim woman)

2006: Auckland central

I walked into a florist, and asked if I could possibly work there. She said she had a friend at another shop she could ask and then asked me if I had to wear my scarf all of the time as that might be a problem. I said yes I did. She said that is such a shame, you have such a beautiful face. She asked what other colour scarves I had to wear. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. she said she would call me if her friend was okay about me wearing a scarf or not. I didn’t hear back.

Mrs K

“Two or three years ago I was in Pak n Save in Mt Albert. A lady walked past me and called me a terrorist and kept walking. I didn’t even think to go to the police and to say anything. Now of course I would, to prevent any tragedy like this happening ever again to anybody, to any community”

Mt Roskill (2017)