Albany – 2016

I was a student at Strategi Institute in Auckland. I witnessed a lecturer Gaslighting a student because of her race. The lecturer then deliberately failed the student despite her having top 10% marks – again because of race. We complained to the Insitute whom said that the lecturer’s actions were correct

Fielding – March 22, 2019

I was walking to my local mosque, the Feilding Masjid when a tall young muscular White man came walking towards me. He smiled and laughed, then he said “what’s up Mohammed?”. I was a little shaken at first but I just smiled and said “Actually sir, my name is Yasuf” He then said ok and continued walking but from that point on I was shaken and almost didn’t want to stay outside any longer. This really says a lot about society.

I fear for my life on a daily basis.

2012, employment discrimination

A friend of mine went to a job interview and was unsuccessful. Afterwards they telephoned him to confidentially give him feedback to tell him that he should change his name from a Muslim name to a Western name.  We told him to go to the Human Rights Commission and he wouldn’t go.

2018: anti-immigration website

I’ve been trying for years to have an anti-immigration website taken down. I’ve been going to the authorities and NetSafe to stop them. The website actually criticised me on their website for complaining about them and attacked me.  Now it’s been taken down. It took the Christchurch attacks to stop them.

“When they want to meet us, we want to know, why do they want to do everything in a secretive way? Why not put the issue on the table and speak with us? We are scared because they can take information we give and then flick it back onto you.”

“A lot of young people feel oppressed by being seen as Muslim, Arab, black. We are not being looked at as a human being but as a category. When young people feel that, instead of lifting people’s spirits, it breaks them.”

“Being left alone by the SIS is the main thing [the community wants].”

“Muslims are far more afraid of intelligence (services) than New Zealand Police.”

“After 9/11 things were really bad, people were very suspicious and angry, and then things improved. People realised muslims were a community and things improved. But the rise of ISIS and Trump has fired things up again.”