South Auckland – 18 March 2019

Someone had thrown soil or manure (hasn’t been examined) onto our grass, cars, entered our backyard and threw it onto our concrete floor and went right around the house leaving an obvious trail behind.

Not knowing exactly who did this it is hard to 100% tell their motives. But being done just 3 days from the terror attack it feels like a very clear message that we are unwanted. My family and I feel unsafe at home – have been offered places to stay. But mostly in shock we are working on the situation together. Police aren’t being very helpful in fact I left our assigned officer a voice mail Monday after they came and spoke to my mother yet they have not gotten back to me. I hope they do. I do not intend to waste their time but I believe that this is a hate crime and their support is much appreciated.

Onehunga, 17 March 2019

I was walking to the bus stop on my way home from work on a Sunday afternoon. As I walked past a man, he kept yelling at me that he would “f*** me up”.  he mumbled a few things as I passed but I did not catch it. This was just two days after the Christchurch Massacre. 

Hamilton, March 2019

Was going to the masjid for Friday prayer, started walking with my 2.5 years old girl after parking my car in the next street. Two women from a passing car shouted, “Go back to your country”.

3 days later, a group of teen boys said to me and my 5 yr old boy, “Want your nose knocked? ” at Sylvia Park, Auckland while we went there for some shopping and dinner.

Palmerston North, 2006

I was in year 4 and this girl in my class at the time came to me and said “My dad has the right to kill you and your family.”

I had no knowledge of 9/11. I was 3yrs old when those towers were attacked. I was confused because I didn’t understand why she was telling me this and told my mum. My mum was furious and went to school and told the principal who later talked to the girl and promised my mum that this kind of behaviour would not be tolerated at our primary.

2012, employment discrimination

A friend of mine went to a job interview and was unsuccessful. Afterwards they telephoned him to confidentially give him feedback to tell him that he should change his name from a Muslim name to a Western name.  We told him to go to the Human Rights Commission and he wouldn’t go.

17 March 2019, Sydney

we heard about a Muslim sister in Sydney yesterday who had her headscarf ripped off her. Her car was taken while her kids were inside. The children managed to jump out.

2018, Auckland University

I was standing in the Auckland Uni Quad and my friend was an active person in the community. She had her hijab ripped off by an angry older guy. This was so traumatising for her she stopped her leadership role.

2012: Auckland

I was standing outside in a vigil with my friend. He was intimidating me saying why don’t you go back to your country. My friend was so shocked because she wasn’t born in NZ but he left her alone because she didn’t wear hijab. I wear hijab and was born here – but was told to leave.